This blog contains my observations on how content is changing in response to new communications technology — social networks and all that. I’m interested in the underlying forces behind these changes. I think they’re extremely important but not well understood — at least not by me.

I trained as an economist, discovered I was better at writing about the economy than I was modelling it, and have made my living somewhere between finance and journalism for most of my career. To my mind, the two worlds of economics and journalism that I have straddled most of my working life are coming together.

In order to survive, journalists and authors are having to think not just about creating their content but also about how to get it noticed. And that takes them into the realm of new disciplines like the economics of attention,  behavioural economics, and network dynamics.

At the heart of academic economics is the notion of optimisation. And that’s increasingly how online publishers are behaving. This fascinates me and is what this blog will address.


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