The Week In Six Pix: Metro Racism, iCar, Globalisation, Robot Bankers, Gravity-defying Haircuts, and Watching Paint Dry

British Racism on the Metro 

The Guardian newspaper was handed video footage of Chelsea football supporters abusing a passenger on the Paris Metro, sparking much soul-searching among the game’s authorities. Barney Ronay pointed out that, in its pure form, football is, “the opposite of racism, an activity that tells you repeatedly that human beings are equal, that what marks us out are the qualities that cut across race: talent, heart, teamwork.”

Apple Working on iCar?

9to5Mac worked out that an automotive engineer hiring spree by Apple presaged the development of an electric Car. The Onion speculated that the car would be “compatible with most major roads” and that its wheels would “turn into rainbow pinwheels whenever car stalls.”

How Globalisation Has Changed the World in One Chart

Pew’s Chart of the Week shows what two decades of globalisation have done to income distribution: huge income growth in much of the developing world, a hollowing out of the middle class in the West, and the rise of the 1%.

The Robots are coming… to a bank near you

Japan led the way in creating robots that could do routine work in manufacturing like car-making and now the nation is spearheading the use of robots in the service sector. According to the Guardian, Mitsubishi is trialling the use of humanoid robots to welcome visitors to bank branches.

The Meaning of Kim Yong Un’s New Haircut

Vox wondered whether the new haircut sported by the North Korean leader on Wednesday was “intended to signify that North Korea, like Kim Jong Un’s hair, is reaching new heights and cannot be stopped by gravity or any other natural force? The BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ team thought it only a question of time before other leaders followed suit.

Watching Paint Dry Turns Out to be Totally Captivating

This video shows a ‘pour painting’ created by a team led by New York artist Holton Rower. The video isn’t new but resurfaced on Reddit and elsewhere and is strangely transfixing, according to i100.


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